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Successes & Mentors

Aut2bFit™ has partnered with some of the best amateur and professional athletes who will lead or join our day camps. Their own stories and leadership in their sport will inspire you and spark that excitement for athletics in all of us!


Fitness & Activity

Aut2bFit™ is proud to be the first autism organization that is teaming up with sports players and teams, and we aren’t focused on just one sport! Whether it be baseball, football, yoga or basketball, we’re coordinating day camps for all.


Promoting Positivity

Join our kids on the autism spectrum, as well as our athletes and typical peers in an environment thriving through inclusion, where friendships can be made organically. We have more in common than we have differences, promoting awareness, kindness, and tolerance for our future.


Connecting Our Teams

There is an ever growing community affected by autism, and an enormous athletic community that wants to help. Aut2bFit™ is connecting our two communities in friendship and teamwork to build friendships and mentorships that will grow and inspire each other!